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‘Meet the stylist’ event is a big hit with shoppers

Whether it was one-to-one style tips, body shape analysis or finding out which colour suits you best to help build a new summer wardrobe, Bathgate stylist Leigh Maybury, founder of Life with Style covered it all at our first, free ‘Meet the Stylist’ pop up event this month.

Lots of visitors to the shopping centre, both women and men, got a pleasant surprise when they spent time with Leigh to find their ‘go to’ colour that matches their cool or warm skin tones and which seasonal shades to go for.

The comeback of colour analysis, which was popular in the early 1980s, thanks to a book by Carole Jackson, ‘Color Me Beautiful’, is trending on social media platforms, including TikTok, where people are sharing their perfect shades, which help make better, more conscious decisions when it comes to buying clothes, whether it is for weddings, graduation celebrations, parties, holidays or work outfits.

Leigh, who trained at the London College of Style said: “I had a great time giving out some style and colour tips at the “Meet the Stylist’ event at The Centre, Livingston recently.

Meet the stylis inner post 1

“Analysing skin tones and colour pallets was really popular on the day as many shoppers talked about how they struggled to find the shades that suit them best.

“Wearing the right colour can really lift your mood and boost your confidence and energy levels too - just one shade lighter can also help enhance your cheek bones and make you look less tired and more fresh.

“When it comes to which season you are, I always say to people it’s not about only wearing only those colours and throwing out everything in your wardrobe that doesn’t fall into the category but just being mindful about which tone brings out your best qualities and makes you shine.”

Our ‘Style Squad’ team were also on hand to chat to shoppers on the day and surprised a few lucky shoppers with a £25 Gift Card to treat themselves.

Louisa, an optometrist from Barrhead, said: “I’ve had a great day out shopping today, made even better by having my colours done, something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. After speaking to Leigh, I understand now that it’s best to get my good neutrals and good wardrobe basics right first which then allows me to add pops of colour with ease.”

Meet the stylis inner post 3

Wendy Black, a pupil support worker from West Lothian, said: “It was lovely to pop along to the ‘Meet the Stylist’ event and get an expert to help me find the perfect wardrobe and help steer me in the right direction when it comes to picking the right colours that suit me. I’m going on a big holiday in July to Canada and America so I wanted to get an idea of which clothes to pack for different events and days travelling, and managed to get some valuable tips. It was a great day out overall as I also managed to nip in to the new Rituals store and treat myself, which was lovely.”

Meet the stylis inner post 5

Pamela Reid, a radiologist form Bathgate, said: “I’m heading off on a once in a lifetime trip to South Africa soon and took the opportunity today to chat to Leigh about what my wardrobe should consist of as I’ll be doing city tours, a safari and enjoying lots of beach days too. It was such a fantastic experience to have an expert give me so many tips and chat over what the key trends are this summer and clothing which suits me best based on my shape and skin tone. I’m now looking forward to my trip even more!

Meet the stylis inner post pamela

Luke Wilson, a graphic designer from Glasgow, who also came along to the ‘Meet the Stylist’ pop up event, said: “I’m going on holiday soon with my friends to Barcelona so I thought it would be really good to get some free style tips and find out what colours I should be going for. I’ve already done a bit of shopping in H&M but now I know what I should be focusing on it will help me pick out the rest of my wardrobe.”

Meet the stylis inner post 9
Meet the stylis inner post 6

Barbara McAdam and her daughter Caroline from Falkirk were enjoying a special shopping day out when we caught up with them after their Costa Coffee visit. Caroline said: “I love shopping with mum and spending the day together at The Centre, Livingston – there’s such a great mix of stores, which is why we visit regularly. I’m going on holiday soon to the French Riviera and just bought a pair of really nice shorts and a top in New Look.”

Meet the stylis inner post 7

Shoppers also stopped by with lots of questions for Leigh on how to refresh their existing wardrobe, with Leigh spending time chatting through wardrobe essentials and capsule edits and showcased key pieces from M&S, New Look, River Island, Superdry and Suit Direct – with the M&S denim waistcoat and stunning white dress from Superdry being a big hit.

The newly opened beauty and wellbeing store Rituals also added a bit of glamour to the event, with a collection of their cushions on display and rooms sprays, diffusers, hand creams and complimentary mini sunscreen gifts.

Patrick Robbertze, Centre Director at The Centre, Livingston, said: “It was fantastic to welcome local stylist Leigh Maybury to The Centre, Livingston for our first ‘Meet the Stylist’ event, where our shoppers received lots of free expert advice on what to wear and how to pick the right colours when shopping.

“Thanks to all of our retailers who took part, including Rituals who helped create an extra special atmosphere with their stunning range of home and beauty products.”

Leigh said: “Thanks to The Centre, Livingston for inviting me in for their first ‘Meet the Stylist’ event. It was fantastic to be able to chat to so many shoppers about which outfits to choose when shopping for everyday wear and special occasions, and also the importance of understanding which colours will give you a natural glow.

“Identifying your pallet can be transformational in the way you look and feel too and can have a huge impact on your appearance.

“Research shows the colours can have a psychological effect on our wellbeing, boost confidence and influence our mood – so it really is worthwhile knowing which ones suit you best.”