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Festive Decor at B&M

The festive season is here and if you’re wanting to add a few extra decorations to your Christmas tree or home, you’ll find just what you’re looking for at The Centre Livingston.

This season B&M has a show-stopping range of decorations in store – from traditional Christmas wreaths and garlands inspired by the natural world to contemporary toppers and beautiful baubles which add the finishing touch to your tree.

BANDM 1 AND2 1221

This winter, as well as classic greens and reds, B&M is adding a romantic feel with their Winter Decadence range which features faux fur stockings and tree skirts, decorative fronds and honey comb trees, all in chic shades of blush pink, gold, silver and cream.

Add texture to your tree with glass, feather and velvet baubles, or why not opt for a gem encrusted love heart locket bauble which opens up – the perfect place to store an extra surprise gift for Christmas

BANDM 3 AND4 1221

Transform you home into a winter wonderland with their Frosted Lake collection with white wicker tree skirts, cute silver snow globes, glittering snowflake tree toppers, frosted eucalyptus wreaths, reindeer ornaments and more.

Miniature feather wreaths and clip on magnolias in ivory and silver are sure to add the wow factor to your tree, while their frosted illuminated garlands bring the magic of a winter woodland into your home.

BANDM 15 1221
BANDM 64 1221

If you’re a fan of a more dramatic colour palette, the Midnight Opulence range at B&M is the one for you. Set the scene for glamour this Christmas with jewel tones of rich teal, royal purple and deep blue, alongside pops of statement gold.

Trim your tree with peacock feather baubles and gold initial tree decorations to make it stand out from the crowd and why not add an extra touch of luxury with a lavish gold leaf wreath with a sprinkling of festive glitter?

BANDM 7 AND8 1221