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Charity of the Month: West Lothian Diabetes Scotland Group

This month, as part of our Support in the Community Initiative, we’re shining a spotlight on our Charity of the Month – West Lothian Diabetes Scotland Group.

West Lothian Diabetes Scotland Group aims to provide support and information to people living with diabetes, as well as their family, friends and anyone else who is interested in knowing more about diabetes.

The charity gives members access to a wide range of practical up-to-date information about diabetes and issues a monthly newsletter on everything related to diabetes in West Lothian.

Monthly meetings offer members the opportunity to slow down, relax and have a chat over a cup of tea with others with diabetes, who understand the challenges of living with the condition. Meetings also feature a variety of expert guest speakers which gives members the chance to raise any questions they have around the subject.

West Lothian Diabetes Scotland Group organises a range of classes and activities to help people self-manage their diabetes. This includes a weekly Nutrition Club which takes place both in person and via Zoom and is led by a dietician who gives individual and group support for healthy eating.

A walking group meets every Tuesday afternoon with walks tailored to the needs and abilities of members. The walks are in the local area and are usually fairly short but they give members the chance to get out and about and enjoy some exercise with friends.

West Lothian Diabetes Scotland Group offers an exercise programme for people with diabetes which takes place on Saturday mornings at a local gym – this gives members the opportunity to use gym equipment at a pace that they are comfortable with. A private Easyline seated exercise session also takes place on Monday afternoons, using hydraulically assisted equipment – suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

The charity is passionate about raising awareness of diabetes and raises funds through donations, special events and sponsorship. Funds raised help to maintain and develop local activities including the Lifestyle Project which helps people to self-manage the condition through healthy eating and regular exercise, as well as supporting Diabetes Scotland in the great work that they do on a national level.

As part of our charity partnership, West Lothian Diabetes Scotland Group will be in the mall on 3rd and 4th December to raise awareness of their services – why not pop along for more information?

You can also find out more about West Lothian Diabetes Scotland Group and the services they provide, via their website at