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With the spring weather getting fairer each day, The Centre, Livingston has everything you will need to get your garden or urban vegetable patch ready.

Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or brand new to it, retailers at The Centre have an array of products which will take your existing garden to the next level or help you start one up. If you’re looking for a little inspiration, we’ve put together a few pieces below that might interest you!

If you have limited space, Wilko has a great selection of grow pots which contain soil, seeds and a pot in an all-in-one growing kit. These pots are great for small spaces and even your little ones can get involved. Choose from tomatoes (Image 1), strawberries (Image 2), or mint (Image 3), all £2 each.

1 Wilko Grow Pots

If you have a little more space, Marks & Spencer has a fantastic selection of grow-your-own kits. Like the grow pots, these come with everything you need to get started. Only bigger. If you enjoy picking your own pumpkins why not grow some instead? Ready to be picked and carved in time for Halloween (Image 4) £5; they also have tomatoes (Image 5) £5, or how about growing your own herbs with their Easy to Grow summer herb mix? (Image 6) £12.

2 MS Grow Kits

Accessories are an important must-have in your garden and One Below has a varied selection of windmills. Whether it’s a frog (Image 7), a polka dot purple windmill (Image 8) or just to add a splash of colour (Image 9), they have it all for £1 each.

3 One Below Windmills

No garden is complete without a gnome to keep watch! B&M has got you covered here as their cheery gnomes will fit well in any garden (Image 10), £6. Or, why not opt for one of their animals to sit proudly in your garden? How about a rabbit (Image 11) £10, a duck (Image 12) £10, or even a tortoise? (Image 13) £8.

4 BM Garden Ornaments

If you’re looking to add some mood lighting to your garden, head to Primark. They have a brilliant range of outdoor string lights. Do you need a pop of colour? Check out their battery operated 15 Multicolour LED Mini Bulb String Lights, (Image 14) £4. Or how about their 100 LED Firefly Battery Lights? (Image 15) £4. If you prefer solar charging lights, they have 100 LED Solar String Lights (Image 16) for just £7. Whichever you choose – they are guaranteed to improve the ambience of your garden.

5 Primark Lights

If you have a lawn and you have little ones (or maybe adults!) to keep entertained, B&M has a great selection of sports and games equipment. For the next Ronaldo or Messi, they have a 4 ft freestanding goal (Image 17) £10, or the Swingball Reflex Soccer (Image 18) £14.99.

If Centre Court at Wimbledon is the dream, how about Swing Tennis (Image 19) £10, or a Tennis Set (Image 20) £10? Everything helps when you’re trying to improve your volley.

6 BM Activities

Once you get your garden going, you’re sure to be visited by all sorts of birds and insects and they’ll need somewhere to rest up. B&M has a wide choice of bird boxes (Images 21, 22, 23, 24) all £4 each, and for the insects, they have some impressive bug hotels. (Images 25 - £4, Image 26 - £5)

7 BM Bird Box

The British Heart Foundation shop is a treasure trove of amazing items for your garden. This white bench (Image 27) could be the perfect addition to your garden. Or, if it’s alfresco dining you are looking for, how about this set of table and chairs (Image 28).

9 spring22

Everything listed above is available at The Centre, Livingston as of 18th April 2022.

Watch this space for more gardening blogs, plus... we attempt to grow our own fruit and veg!