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At The Centre you’ll find an array of over 20 eateries, which offer something to suit all appetites – from Mexican street food at Chiquito to Nando’s signature PERi PERi chicken. One of the latest additions is the stylish new NowNow Cafe, situated in Phase One, next to Bank of Scotland and Timpson.

We caught up with the owner, Gayle, to find out a little more about her chic new cafe and tantalise our tastebuds with some of the items on her tasty menu.

NowNow Cafe looks amazing Gayle – what was your inspiration behind the décor?
We put a lot of hard work into creating a warm welcoming space – we wanted people to step into NowNow Cafe and feel totally relaxed, part of the community. Our décor is a reflection of that – an eclectic mix of industrial pieces, lush greenery and beautiful heritage items like old kitchen scales and gorgeous vases – all hand selected for a vintage vibe with an emphasis on reusing and recycling as much as possible.

Our wrought iron railings keep the cafe open and friendly and our old maps and slogan signs add personality and the fun factor! 

Qa Now Now 1

Where did the name NowNow Cafe come from?
It’s a real nod to my South African roots - ‘now’ and time are a flexible concept in South Africa and the word ‘now’ can be used in three different ways. If we say ‘Now’ we mean ‘right this second’, then there’s ‘Now Now’ which is less urgent than now – more like ‘maybe a little later, but definitely not now’ finally there’s ‘Just Now’ which is more of a feeling – meaning ‘I’ll get to it when the feeling arrives!’

At NowNow Cafe we have a gallery of clocks, which all read different times. I like to think people can come to the cafe and lose track of time chatting with friends and family while enjoying our high quality, delicious food!

Qa Now Now 4

What sort of food will we find on the menu at NowNow Cafe?
At NowNow Cafe we’re passionate about good food and aim to satisfy our customers’ appetites in style.

Our breakfast menu offers everything from traditional morning rolls and a morning fruit pot, to a granola pot, egg and salmon croissant and the ultimate way to kick-start your morning - a full Scottish breakfast.

If you’re popping in for lunch we have an array of baguettes, paninis, wraps, sandwiches and toasties all served with your choice of filling. We have heart-warming homemade soup every day, as well as healthy choice salads and nutritious baked potatoes.

Hot off the hob you’ll find traditional South African bunny chow, comforting mac and cheese and tasty stovies among a host of other offerings!

Qa Now Now 3
Qa Now Now 2

And for those with a sweet tooth?
We’ve got some delicious cakes and tray bakes available – from traditional empire biscuits and Victoria sponge cake to zesty lemon cheesecake, ultimate caramel shortbread and peppermint slices.

We also have a selection of Danish pastries and croissants to choose from, plus fluffy muffins, colourful meringues and moreish Bakewell Tarts. I’ve got a weakness for our Mars crispy cakes – the perfect accompaniment to my morning latte.

Speaking of drinks, what can visitors to NowNow Cafe expect on the menu?
We’ve got a fantastic selection of hot and cold drinks, including speciality teas, indulgent hot chocolate and bottled juices. We also have decaf and dairy-free options – why not try a soya cappuccino or a superfood turmeric latte?

If you’re a coffee lover, our skilled baristas can make you everything from a silky flat white to an invigorating double espresso. 

Qa Now Now 5

Do you have vegan and gluten free options at NowNow Cafe?
Yes, we always have some tempting vegan and gluten-free dishes on the menu. Our vegan wrap is always really popular - with slow-roasted Italian vegetables and vegan-friendly Violife cheese. Or, with summer approaching (and the thought of warm summer days and BBQs!) why not try our tasty vegan burger, served with vegan cheese and fresh salad.

Our vegan cakes are always a winner - satisfy your sweet tooth with a slice of beautiful vegan Lemon Grove Cake, with edible flowers and a scattering of pumpkin seeds it looks too good to eat, but trust me, you won’t leave a crumb!

For those looking for gluten-free dishes we have gluten-free mac and cheese and a tempting range of wraps and sandwiches to suit – including our delicious BLT with chicken. If you’re after a sweet treat we have gluten-free options too – from cute cupcakes to an indulgent Chocolate Fudge Cake, the perfect way to recharge between shopping sprees!

Where do you source your produce?
At NowNow Cafe our aim is to use as many local suppliers as we can. Our teas come from the Edinburgh Tea and Coffee company – sourced from some of the finest estates around the world and expertly blended in Edinburgh to suit Scottish waters and our organic milk comes direct from Farmer Bryce and the ‘Mossgiel Girls’ - his beautiful herd of Ayrshire cows! 

Qa Now Now 6

You also have a little deli in store, what goodies can visitors expect to discover?
At NowNow Cafe we’ve got a great selection of South African delicacies for you to enjoy at home. There’s Ouma buttermilk biscuits – perfect for dunking in tea and coffee, Mrs H.S. Ball’s iconic chutney, Simba potato chips, Spar-letta Creme Soda and Twist - a deliciously refreshing fizzy granadilla passion fruit drink, perfect served chilled on a hot summer day.

We also stock Great Taste award winning droëwors, spiced air-dried beef sausage, and traditional Southern African spiced biltong from Gavin’s Homemade Biltong.